Cooking with You

Need someone to teach you how to cook, impress a client or even have an occasional gourmet dinner at home? Guerrieri's Napoletano personality will make you feel as though you know each other for years. No matter how big or small your kitchen-he's able to turn a splash of olive oil into pure gourmet. Groups: Make a list of some favorite ingredients and allow the Chef to do his magic.Kitchen Tricks:Learn how to cook for a week and portion the food in ways that gets defrosted in minutes without using a microwave. No Carbs: It's not just about salads, it's about delicious creativeness. Leftovers: Let the Chef teach you ways to make a brand new dish from any leftovers-you will never know it was "yesterday's chicken". Accompany Food Shopping: The Chef will teach you how to pick freshness and what to stay away from. Knife Skills: No more fear.Learn to make the knife your best friend. Vegetarian or Vegan: You will be in "aww" when this Chef shows you the unlimited diversity of non meat and animal friendly cooking. No Butter, No Fatty Sauces: You won't ever miss the fat. Pasta: It's not fattening, it's about the kind of sauces you make. Risotto: Guaranteed to learn the ultimate tricks and endless varieties.

Expert Advice/ Consulting

Restaurant owners and operators face a number of unique challenges including strong competition, changing consumer tastes and rising costs. Allow Chef Guerrieri to share his years of expertise in assisting restaurateurs with startup operations or helping those existing establishments to troubleshoot problems within. His years of experience, years of travel, being multilingual and being an owner of establishments himself he understands what is needed in this industry - from the point of view of both the consumer and the owner. His goal is to add experience, knowledge and motivation to most situations that you or your company may encounter. His specialties; creating new food concepts, reinventing menus, inventing unique recipes and most importantly teach your kitchen and managers how to make a better profit from what they may think is waste.